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JUNE 5th - JULY 6th 2013


G U Y   C.  C O R R I E R O


Explanation of my works .  I had the idea of making my own paper to work on using old newspaper and magazines. I had experimented for over a year with different methods. Mostly thinking that I had to be careful about it. In the end it was much more interesting to let the paper do what it wanted to do, they had an unpredictable texture and bent in strange ways that seemed interesting. I liked reusing discarded paper. It was a way also of having the paper be more of an object like the paintings; an actual object not just a empty space to draw into. The first works mimic the white paintings - in that they are almost completely covered with paint and mark making. As I continued I began to leave more of the original image coming through. This began to create an exciting new territory. I love thumbing through fashion magazines and advertising, great colors, painting over, creating another image, with the crunchy texture of the wrinkled paper. When they work there is a point when the paint disrupts the image and the image (photo) disrupts the paint. An equilibrium that’s not a painting and not a photo, but something different. All the pieces are this hand made paper, many pages, sometimes eight or ten pages glued together. I usually lay many pieces on the floor just after gluing them together and paint over them with acrylic paint, glue, house paint. The paint drips and puddles. The next few days I may continue to paint on the same pieces, sometimes they are finished quickly. 

Guy C. Corriero  2013