Not in the wildest Dreams  2008

mixed media  70 x 120 x 120 cm

piggyback  2006

Polyresin, Epoxy, Acryl  100 x 95 x 90

fishing clouds  2006

mixed media  70 x 100 x 130

our-deer-home / Geweihtes Haus, edition of 100, 1999

mixed media  40 x 30 x 60

Wer hat Omas Pfannkuchen gegessen?  2007
Mixed media 70 x 90 x 110

Diamonds are for ever  2008

mixed media  70 x 90 x 110 cm

Roberto Blanco  2008

mixed media  70 x 70 x 140 cm

Ceci n'est pas un Koons  2007

mixed media  70 x 60 x 130 cm

Black Sabbath  2007
Mixed media 90 x 80 x 110

Friendly Outgrowth  2008

Mixed media 70 x 50 x 120

up down

Roland Faesser

friendly outgrowth . Exhibition Thu Aug 28th - Sat Sep 27th 2008


In his Solo exhibition Roland Faesser shows sculptures from his latest work period


friendly outgrowth is the theme for a new series of 50 objects based on the wall trophy. The 50 “Outgrowths” represent the unexpected: creatures emerging from an inner world — playing havoc with the environment. Drainpipes multiply themselves into a supernatural enthroned labyrinth where funny hand-knitted pets join in for choral singing...... a cappella. Jeff Koons’ monkey detecting his surroundings clutches for and clings to his surface reflection.

The hunting and gathering instinct — the appropriation, flaunting and sanctimonious glorification of the spoils is the premise for my antlered “outgrowths”. The hyperbolic, slapstick-like actions tell a story. Frozen in time, the “Friendly Outgrowth” figures capture and playfully question the convergence of our inner world with the outer environment. They are proudly celebrating their accomplishments. They exude an air of affectation, of decadence, of cultivated poise. They have arrived.