Wald  2003

Oel auf Leinwand  112 x 91 cm

Wald  2002

Oel auf Leinwand  150 x 125 cm

Letztes Licht  2003

Oel auf Leinwand  130 x 160 cm

Lichtung  1997

Oel auf Leinwand  127 x 91 cm

Felsige Lichtung  2003

Oel auf Leinwand  112 x 91 cm

Hochplateau  2000

Oel auf Leinwand  195 x 150 cm

Ruine in der Dämmerung  2003

Oel auf Leinwand  54 x 64.5 cm

Strategisches Bauwerk   2003

Oel auf Leinwand  46 x 55 cm

up down

Stephan Jon Tramèr


exhibition  ad naturam  September 5th - October 11th 2014

exhibition  zwischen himmelslinien  March 21st - April 28th 2012

exhibition  opus landscape  June 2nd - July 3rd 2010


Notes . I don’t represent any concepts, ideas or manifestoes in my work.  I’m merely a representative of the universal claim to freedom of the subject, to feeling and the life of mind and soul -– against all inner and outer opposition. My trust in painting’s ability to fathom these depths remains unbroken. The well of formal laws has not run dry. Subject matter is decisive but not exclusively so; it is the formal thoughts contained therein, which – analogous to plate tectonics and the appearances of light and shadows - determine the composition and harmony of a painting. Thoughts circle around the subjectively experienced – beyond zeitgeist and collective phantasmagoria. I claim the freedom to work in my chosen manner, even if the developments of the last century and a half demand the unremitting search for progress also in the fine arts. I don’t oppose progress – but I don’t partake in it, either. Modernity has melted away into colossal noise, its utopias and revolutionary pathos given over to activities of arranging and labelling. I place my first mark instinctively, somewhere before Cézanne.  Maybe enough time remains for me to experience independently the path of my own revolution of seeing and perceiving. What counts is first to formulate an image for which I need not feel embarrassed - an image reliable and solid. I’m not afraid of pursuing mimesis and linearity – simply because it gives me pleasure to do so. There is no reason to distance oneself from the objects depicted. What need is there to add anything? Today, there are many other possibilities, none of exclusive character. However, the gestural, wild, eccentric or deconstructive -  those are fields cultivated by others. I want to make silence visible.  If in doing so, an image emerges, which engenders spiritual and mental gravitation, inasmuch as the picture is felicitous and its painterly means are full of life – then that of which images are capable has been achieved.  There is no need for dignified twilight devotions; otherwise, one would have to assume an illusion, a projection.

© Stephan Jon Tramèr 2010



Stephan Jon Tramèr lives in Basel and works in 'Fabrik culture' de Hégenheim F

Matur am Humanistischen Gymnasium

Fachklasse 'Lehramt für Bildende Kunst an der Schule für Gestaltung Basel
Studium der Maltechniken Hochschule für Bildende Künste HdK Berlin



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