Chinese Vases  2013

acrylic . soap on ceramic   16/18/28 cm

Revolution 2 Laundry 2 2012

pen on paper  70 x 100 cm

Flying Saucers 2012

pastel . acrylic on ceramic  14 x 14 cm

Fortune Make a Whish 2  2012

acrylic on printed advertisments 24 x 30 cm

Masters of the Universe . Wall Street 2011

oil on canvas dyptrich 160 x 100 cm

Lotus Eaters Oil Refinery 3  2011

colored pencil on paper  100 x 140 cm

Lotus Eaters Oil Refinery 4  2011

colored pencil on paper  100 x 140 cm


Lotus Eaters Plate 3  2012

acrylic on ceramic  22 x 22 cm

up down

Robin Ballard


In topos an exhibition with Michael Shermen, Robin Ballard shows new paintings of transformed Swiss mountain views. Fri September 4th till Sat October 10th 2015


In the exhibition quattro donne, the season opening of Basel galleries, Robin Ballard shows her newest drawings and objects. Sat September 7th till Sat October 5th 2013

Robin Ballard, born 1965 in Los Angeles, Kalifornien, lives and works in Basel


The Cooper Union School of Art  New York . BFA


Hochschule der Künste Berlin . Austauschprogramm


Parsons School of Design Paris . Vorkurse




'topos' mitart gallery Basel with Michael Sherman


'quattro donne' mitart gallery Basel


might be love . Winterausstellung . mitart gallery Basel


Kunsthalle Palazzo Liestal . Regionale 12 Gruppenausstellung


Artists’ Window dock Basel

Kunstkasten, Winterthur . Ausschreibung mit Andreas Schneider


Kunsthalle Mulhouse . Regionale 11 Gruppenausstellung

Projektraum M54 Basel . entreé des artistes Gruppenausstellung

Kunst Raum Riehen . Regionale 10 Gruppenausstellung


Kunstraum Kreuzberg Berlin . Anonyme Zeichner Gruppenausstellung

Gewürzmühle Basel Gruppenausstellung

Kunsthalle Basel . Regionale 9 Gruppenausstellung


Galerie Weibel Basel . Einzelausstellung mit Katalog


Bank for International Settlements Bottmingen . Einzelausstellung


Ausstellungsraum Klingenthal Basel . Regionale 4 Gruppenausstellung


The World Bank Washington DC . Gruppenausstellung mit Katalog




Robin Ballard's work is characterized by an ongoing analysis between visual patterns and the patterns of thought –– microcosms, macrocosms, mythology, science, interior, exterior, the past, present and future, all of these contrasting themes collide to compliment each other, sometimes more subtly, sometimes more strongly, but always open for interpretation. Her work, it could be said, is an endeavor to reconcile opposing points of view. Patricia Wolfensberger


The pictorial repertoire of Robin Ballard's work is based fundamentally in her personal view of our contemporary state of being. She uses photography not to document but to create visual metaphor. The relationship between the dual levels in her work symbolize and reflect on the themes of nature in its elementary state as much as they depict society's technological advancements. Her imagery is founded in the principles of math and architectural forms as much as chaos and the formlessness of the wilderness, which represent a collective psychological state of man –– just as nature in the Western world has gone through a civilizing process of gradually blending the anthropological categories of emotio and ratio, or that of feeling and thinking.

Susanne Meier-Faust M.A.